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my health journey & autoimmune disease story

Our physical body is the vehicle that our soul has to explore the physical reality, taking care of your body is really taking care of your spirit.



*trigger warning, abuse & disordered eating*

I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's. But my struggle with my health, starts around 5 years old when my disordered eating started. If you follow me on TikTok, you know I had an ~abusive childhood~ (gonna leave out some details here & let you put some of those pieces together). By middle school, I was skipping all the meals I could to be "skinny" then binge eating every night. This is also when I was first diagnosed with depression. I never understood that taking care of my body & my depression could somehow be connected until the first time I felt healthy in my entire life.

Fast forward to 2019: while I was finishing up hypnotherapy school, I wanted to be the best version of myself for my future clients. So I decided to set the intention & manifest that I was going to be the healthiest & happiest version of myself. Shortly after, I coincidentally started dating a personal trainer which was definitely a ~universe aligning me with my manifestation~ vibe.

That person noticed how disordered my eating was & started meal prepping for me, doing the math for how much food my body needed & I was doing self hypnosis every morning to align my subconscious mind & soul with the healthiest version of myself. After a few weeks of self hypnosis, eating enough protein, drinking enough water, & getting in a wide variety of micronutrients, I was at a Whole Foods & realized my anxiety was gone, my depression cloud was clear, my ADHD was silent, I had energy??????????? I was happy?????

I immediately started sobbing in the middle of a fucking Whole Foods. It was a combination of so many emotions all at once from gratitude, to sadness for how I'd treated my body, to self pity for my inner child, to a new concept of self love for my body.

Over the next few years, I dedicated my life to this shit. After finishing hypnotherapy school, I studied to become a nutrition coach & during the pandemic, I spent that year at an academy to become a personal trainer. I was a hypnotherapist, nutrition coach & personal trainer during the pandemic lmaoooo what a strange reality that was for me. But anyways, I just genuinely wanted to help people heal their bodies & mind-body connection the same way I did with mine. Then in December 2019, I started posting on TikTok about spirituality because I knew I wanted to help the entire world with healing, not just one-on-one. & music was what I was truly passionate about.

So this all started in 2019, I dated the personal trainer for 3 years & they were constantly supportive in keeping my health in check. But when we broke up in 2022 (yes this is the same break up that I have been open about all over my TikTok), I stopped taking care of my health & my health quickly became just as bad as it was pre-dating a personal trainer.

The break up was also a new dark night of the soul that led to a new spiritual awakening to my divine feminine, my self worth, boundary work, stepping into my highest self. All super intense journeys that I did ~very publicly~

ANYWAYS. I was struggling as fuck with my health & I was super out of control. I was so exhausted that I could barely get out of bed, I had to quit YouTube because I literally just didn't have the energy to exist. So again, I set the intention that I was going to fix my gut health. I started manifesting health again AND THEN

I met Lorrie Rappe <3333333333 Lorrie Rappe is my best friend's mom & also one of my best friends. She changed my life forever. I met her because I stayed at her house for Coachella in 2022 & she (a virgo) just intuitively knew something was off. (Lorrie Rappe & her husband, Grey Rappe are my best friend's parents & they run a Functional Wellness Center). So Lorrie sent me home with (like literally just out of the kindness of her heart) a bunch of knowledge & supplements that kick started my new journey to health. & she suggested that I should get my bloodwork done. On some virgo special healing intuition powers vibes as fuck. After the results came back, Lorrie & Grey called me & told me I had Hashimoto's & a couple other big worded disorders, helped me with a plan to use nutrition to get my health all back on track. That was officially one year ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first had the symptoms of Hashimoto's around 12 years old. Like I have been dealing with these mf symptoms since I was 12. I have been a constipated chubby girly my entire life with zero energy, just to figure out that I have a manageable autoimmune disease & through taking care of myself, I could just easily get rid of all those symptoms. lol. & that also explained why when my ex had me eating right, I felt so. fucking. good.

For the past year, I've committed to re-parenting myself, releasing the trauma & soul wounds that caused the autoimmune disease in the first place, healing my energetic body & taking care of myself. I started seeing a vocal yoga coach & a few other energy healers to clear the energy blocks & trauma of why the autoimmune disease developed in the first place, I started doing self hypnosis for my throat chakra & rewiring my subconscious every day, I even got a tattoo (I believe tattoos are a deep form of energy work) of a butterfly on my throat because Hashimoto's is a thyroid disease & your thyroid is in your throat & it's the shape of a butterfly :') I started stress management, prioritizing sleep habits, drinking enough water again, I did the absolute most



Each time I found alignment with my health was because I set the intention in my subconscious & soul through self hypnosis & I asked the universe for help. Each time I asked the universe for help with my health, the universe had my back. My story & path back to health is gonna look a lot different than yours. Everyone has a different formula for their own health, different nutrition plans, exercise habits, stress management, sleep habits, etc. that are specific to you. But the one thing everyone has in common with their health, is their subconscious beliefs & energetic alignment to their health.


To set the intention in your subconscious mind, your soul & the universe to align you with the healthiest version of yourself.

I have a few very loved ones with really serious health issues that I initially made this for, so this was made with as much love as I could possibly put in <3

This hypnosis download is designed to:

-heal your mind-body connection

-rewire your subconscious mind about your health & body

-heal self image of your body & self worth

-release any energetic blocks in the way of health

-send gratitude to every cell in your body

-realign vibrationally to the frequency of the healthiest version of yourself

-clear the energetic body & cleanse the energy within every cell of your body

-send pure love to every fibre of your being <333333

link to hypnosis:

Reminder: hypnosis is very similar to a guided meditation, but includes subtle differences to go deeper within your subconscious mind & soul


also, here is a link to Lorrie's instagram & website:




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