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free guide to glowing up (rebirth series)


first, clarity.

set intentions on what even is the "glowed up" version of you. how will you know when you're there? what does this version of you look like, act like, how do they carry themselves, how do they make other people feel? i highly recommend writing this down in a journal, scripting is so powerful

second, release.

release what's in the way of becoming this version of you. some release practices to do

  • speed writing / automatic scripting: set a timer for 5-10 minutes & write as fast as you possibly can every single thing that comes to mind about being in your way

  • journalling normally without a timer & at normal pace lol, all the things that come to mind about what's in your way (get super detailed, the more detailed the better)

  • audio journal to your voice memos, speak freely for 5 minutes. listen back & write down key points of what you need to release

after you've done one of these methods, fold the paper in half away from you & burn it SAFELY. don't be a silly goose be safe :))))) but as you burn it, breathe deeply. energetically go within & feel the release as it burns


get rid of old energy to make room for new energy <3

first, purge.

i know this isn't as fun as the rest but it's SO important. it's more an energy practice than it is the physical practice. do it with intention. purge & donate all clothes, garbage, junk & other shit in your space that does not energetically align with the glowed up version of you

second, clean.

again, do this with intention. sweep with the intention of sweeping out old energy. you are cleaning but mindfully set the intention that as you clean, you are cleansing your old energy to make room for your new energy.


this is the most important one. this is what all the other steps lead to:

first, spiritually

if you want something, all you have to do is align to the frequency of it. if you want to be a higher version of yourself, like up-level within your career, your relationships, or just yourself in general: everything you want can be boiled down to aligning to the frequency of it. the guided hypnosis was created to shift your frequency to the reality where you have fully embodied that higher version of yourself

second, psychologically your personality is created by who your subconscious mind identifies as. your identity. your identity lives within the ego. so you can consciously try to change & grow all you want but if your subconscious is not on board, you'll remain the same. change your ego's identity to change your reality. your subconscious mind created this "lesser" version of you to keep you safe, thats the subconscious' job & the job of the ego. just to keep you safe. but if you're reading this, then you know it's time to outgrow this version of you. to make real change & truly embody a higher version of yourself, rewire your subconscious mind. the most effective way to rewire your subconscious mind is through hypnosis. your mind naturally goes into hypnosis multiple times a day, it's really just the brain waves "theta."

this is where your mind is most malleable & the parts of your brain responsible for the ego are "asleep."

i recommend doing the hypnosis multiple times a day, first thing in the morning or every night as you fall asleep :)

here's the link:


this was a really hard concept for me to grasp but it has made the biggest difference within my life. i want to first, show you where the idea came from:

the oracle deck: animal apothecary, by cara elizabeth

"level up the energy you allow in your life" apply this to everything. the food you allow in your body / the way you consume it, the people you give your time & energy to, the media you consume, etc. you don't need to go cutting off everything & going on a diet, just be mindful of the standards you hold for yourself. do they reflect the standards of your higher self? is your soul happy with the way you treat yourself? is your soul happy with the way you allow others to treat you? this one could take a lot of time & reflection depending on where you're at & thats okay :) also an important reminder: you cannot shame or guilt yourself into growth. so WITH LOVE & ACCEPTANCE, make the necessary adjustments over time <3

05: EMBODIMENT (law of assumption)

embodiment. after you've done steps 1-4, it's time to focus less on changing your old self & focus more on embodying your new one. law of assumption operates based on aligning your frequency, so "act as if" you are already this higher self. if you've been doing the guided hypnosis regularly, scripting & following the steps, you should already feel aligned spiritually & energetically. now, align physically. this is the phase where i usually dye my hair or get a tattoo or do something to change my physical energy but like don't do that lol. unless you want to. but that's not necessary. this step is simply: think, behave, talk, walk, carry yourself like your glowed up self.

06: GRATITUDE: the final key

gratitude is the way. always. gratitude puts you in the frequency of being thankful that you've already received what you desire. vs coming from an energetic place of lack. think about the energetic difference between "i want this" vs. "i am so grateful i have this"

practice gratitude every day :)


+ journal prompt:

what you focus on grows, so focus on"

1. on one page, write down what makes all the people in your life glow :))))

for example:

-i love snow's unwavering sense of humor & desire to make life a meme.

-i admire how pure naia's heart is.

-i admire the way dimitri sees the world so transparently clear through his third eye without even trying

snow & dimitri are my best friends & naia is one of my cats lol it doesn't have to be anyone specific or anyone even that close to you, just what you admire in others (this is your "golden shadow") what you see in others is a reflection of you <3

2. on the next page, write down what makes you glow!!!!!

you are so special. write an entire page on the things that make you glow. if you have a hard time doing this, i recommend doing this every day <3

+ feed your brain good stuff

your reality is created out of what frequency you're on the most ~frequently~ so once you've done the guided hypnosis, remain in alignment with what you feed your brain. your thoughts are how you fine tune your frequency. your thoughts & emotions are tightly intertwined, they react based on each other. your thoughts are simply an expression of your psyche, so if you're feeding your psyche information (media, social media, movies, music) that does not align with the frequency of your higher self, then you're creating resistance. if you think of your desired evolved glow up self as a radio station, you need to tune yourself to that station in order to hear the songs on that station.

+ ask your higher self for guidance.

connecting with your higher self is already in the guided hypnosis but i still def recommend talking out loud to your spiritual team every day. your higher self, spirit guides, subconscious, the universe, god, source, your soul. will ALWAYS be there to guide you, but you have to ask. because you have free will, its up to you to reach out & ask on your own but you are always always always supported. in your darkest most confused angry sad or lost times, you are still always supported. just ask & listen

+ affirmations:

"i am the healthiest, sexiest, happiest version of myself"

"my soul is so happy with who i choose to be"

& write some customized affirmations based off step 1



& here's the link to the guided hypnosis download:


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