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Our physical body is the vehicle that our soul has to explore the physical reality, taking care of your body is really taking care of your spirit.


So I created this guided hypnosis for you to align with the healthiest version of yourself<333 


-heal your mind-body connection

-rewire your subconscious mind about your health & body

-heal self image of your body & self worth

-release any energetic blocks in the way of health

-send gratitude to every cell in your body

-realign vibrationally to the frequency of the healthiest version of yourself

-clear the energetic body & cleanse the energy within every cell of your body

-send pure love to every fibre of your being <333333

healthy + happy

  • 1. don't do this after having caffeine or any stimulants, these spike your nervous system which is the opposite of the state that meditation & hypnosis puts you in

    2. do it when you're most relaxed, the best time is right before you fall asleep at night

    3. do not do this while driving or operating heavy machinery

    4. you can do this guided hypnosis as many times as you want. only once is necessary but the more you do it, the more effective it'll be

    5. i love you :)

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