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reality shift to your

most abundant timeline

in 21 days

step 1: as you wake up, listen to the newest hypnosis download...

step 2: as you fall asleep, listen to...

step 3: watch your reality shift before your eyes


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the life you desire is calling

abundance is more than just money,

it's our manifestations flowing to us with EASE.


we all have our own personal state of RECEIVING.

Abraham Hicks calls this our vortex.

this challenge is designed to rewire your subconscious mind

& energetic field for your manifestations

how does this work:

as we fall asleep & right when we wake up, our brains are in alpha & theta brainwaves. this is where we have access to our subconscious minds, this is where the mind is the most malleable. this is where we make real change. the repetition of 21 days has been studied for years to rewire the brain, but 21 days of rewiring the SUBCONSCIOUS will give you better results you can even imagine. inside the hypnosis audios are hypnotic inductions, you'll notice the recurring staircase induction & walking into doors within the subconscious mind. healing the inner child, healing the inner teen, subliminals added for releasing shame, affirmations for abundance, self worth, receiving. & 68 second of pure focus & energy work on your specific manifestation

also: i would focus on one manifestation for the best results. there are moments in both hypnosis where you focus on a specific desire, focus on the same one for the 21 days (or until you get it bc it'll probably happen sooner) so you don't split your energy ◡̈

  • struggling, forcing or anxiety towards manifestations

  • lack of self belief, trust & EASE

  • subconscious manifestation blocks

  • subconscious money blocks

  • low self worth

  • shame, guilt, feeling uninspired, unmotivated 

  • aligning with your true, natural state of abundance

  • surrendering to receive


  • becoming a magnet to your desires

  • aligning with your divine feminine energy

  • connecting with your inner child, inner teenager & higher self

  • shifting into your most fulfilling reality


i created this challenge from my own deeply personal journey with abundance & manifestation.

i discovered manifestation 7 years ago & i became obsessed.

i read every book,

i scoured every thing my high school debate brain could find on the internet,

i practiced it for years in every possible way from big to small,

i went to hypnotherapy school,

i started training my subconscious mind for years,

i used manifestation to get me out of dangerous & toxic situations

& to build a new life,

a new reality aligned with my purpose,

three years ago, i started posting this knowledge on TikTok <333



but more importantly, i created this challenge for you.

i am so grateful for you.

i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.

please DM me on instagram if you decide to do the challenge & update me!

ALSO: BONUS POINTS FOR LISTENING TO ABRAHAM HICKS EVERY DAY. the 15 minute youtube videos are my favorite with the little cartoon hehe. here's an example:

or any other manifestation author / video,

feed your brain good stuff!

feed your vibration throughout the day :)



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