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Iris Dailey's guide to (introductory) energy work <333


in honor of my newest guided meditation; my first ever guided energy ritual<3

a comprehensive introductory written guide to the 6 energy practices I do every single day (in order)

  • grounding

  • releasing / cleansing

  • retrieving

  • charging

  • aligning

  • protecting



When we are aligned with the earth, the earth is aligned with the sun, the whole solar system, the galaxy, our whole universe. Aligning yourself with the earth, is aligning yourself with the whole universe.

To be grounded is to be present. Present in the body, present with the earth, present in the seat of your soul.

What grounded energy feels like:

Stability, peace & an unfaltering centeredness. The opposite of anxiety. This energy is always available for you & the more you practice grounding, the easier it'll get to find within you.

A few ways to ground:

1. Touching grass. Sitting in silence with trees. Connecting to the earth element in nature

2. Close your eyes & pull all of your energy to the base of your spine. (You can move your energy through intention, visualization & sensations. So visualize all of your energy at the base of your spine while physically feeling it come down). You can imagine that there are roots growing from the base of your spine that grow deeply down all the way to the core of the earth, aligning you to the energy of earth's core.

3. Close your eyes & imagine a red ball of light filling your root chakra. (Remember, you can move your energy through intention & visualization & sensations so use that knowledge, I'm going to refer to this as feel & visualize)

4. Ask your spirit guides, the universe, God, source, (whatever feels aligned for you) to help ground you

In the meditation, we ground & connect to the frequency of the earth first to set you up for the rest of the ritual.


We are sponges to the energy that surrounds us, we pick up all sorts of energy everywhere & while this sounds scary, it's just a normal part of the human experience. I like to think of releasing energy as taking an energetic shower. It is SO IMPORTANT and also so easy to do.

A few ways of releasing / cleansing:

I like to start with feeling any energy that doesn’t belong to me. anxiety, guilt, anger, etc. feeling the negative energy & releasing it by:

1. the power of your tongue. say out loud “I release any and all energy I have from _________” & feel all of the energy & emotions release from the top of your head to your toes

2. when you take a shower, set the intention that the water is cleansing you, your energy, your aura, your body. feel & visualize the water cleansing you

3. when you drink water, talk to your water & thank her for cleansing you. as you drink the water, feel & visualize the water cleansing your energy, your aura, your body, your mind

4. through the roots you established by grounding, feel & visualize negative energy being pulled out of you & into the earth to be cleansed through the roots & transmuted back to the earth

5. set the intention to release with your period. the womb is the most sacred & powerful part of the human body. our wombs literally bring new life into this earth, our periods are a time for shedding & releasing. tell your body & your spirit what you are releasing as you bleed (especially good for releasing sexual partners, trauma or shame, i'll get more into this later in a future written guide)

5. ask your spirit guides, the universe, God, source, (whatever feels aligned for you) to help cleanse you & release any energy that does not belong to you


I'm going to start explaining the importance of this one by telling you a story from my best friend, Snow. Snow's gift is astral projection & lucid dreaming. (We all have psychic gifts. We have access to them all but we have specific affinities for certain gifts). Snow is tapped the fuck into the dream world & astral plane. Every time she tells me a story from one of her dreams, I learn something that IRREVOCABLY changes my life & opens my consciousness.

To keep this readable, the dream is going to be summarized: Snow once had a dream that she was split into 2 realities. A high vibrational reality & a low vibrational reality. The view in the dream was like a split screen in a video game; high vibe reality on top, low vibe reality on bottom. In the bottom, she was trapped in a dark cave being chased by negative entities. On some evil shit. She spent the dream fighting for her life on the bottom / low vibe reality. In the top / high vibe reality, she was safe, protected, thriving, connected to the light. She was saving other people that were trapped in the bottom. This is obviously a very long & complex dream, but in her dream, she asked what the difference was between the two realities. Why was one safe, and why was the other not? The answer was that to keep yourself safe & high vibrational, you had to be charged.

Charging your energy does not get talked about or emphasized enough in current spiritual discourse, so to shed some love:

A few ways to charge:

1. nature!! put your bare feet on the grass, your toes in the sand or large bodies of water like the ocean, lakes, rivers. go into nature. we are natural beings confined in concrete walls, charge yourself by immersing yourself where you really belong. forests, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, parks, what ever you have access to. go into the sun & ask him to charge you & upgrade your DNA. all of the above have been scientifically proven to give you more energy, change your mood, enhance your entire being

2. taking a shower & setting the intention that the water is charging you, your energy, your aura, your body. feel & visualize the water charging you (similar to the cleansing version of this, you can also do it at the same time & say "charge & cleanse")

3. close your eyes & imagine a bright white light that comes from the universe, God, source (whatever is most aligned) filling your from your toes all the way up to the top of your head.

4. in traditional chinese medicine, fresh foods from the earth are FULL of life force energy. eating fresh foods like strawberries, oranges, etc. as you eat these foods, feel & visualize receiving energy from the food. pay attention to the way it lights you up & the energy it gives you

5. orgasm WITH INTENTION. when you hit ~the point~ feel & visualize all of that sexual energy rising up from your root & sacral chakra, fill up your entire energetic body all the way up to the crown

6. when you drink water, talk to your water & thank her for charging you. as you drink the water, feel & visualize the water charging your energy, your aura, your body, your mind (similar to the cleansing version of this, you can also do it at the same time & say "charge & cleanse")

Snow, if you're reading this, thank you for teaching me, thank you for seeing me, thank you for being my biggest supporter, thank you for being the yang to my yin, the capricorn to my cancer, the daddy to my mommy, thank you for being my best friend.


Soul retrieval, energy retrieval. Especially for those with a lot of light energy. Our energy can be pulled on by people, left within traumatic moments, stuck in past lives, split in other dimensions. Out of all of the energy practices in this written guide, this one will leave you feeling the absolute fucking best. You can cleanse, ground, protect your energy as much as possible but if pieces of it are missing, you will still feel the lack. This practice is the most powerful.

IMPORTANT: This is best done with the guidance & protection of your spirit guides (or God or the universe, what ever is aligned for you. Guides are permission based because we have free will, you have to ask / give permission for them to do things for you. They WANT to help you, that's their purpose as part of your team. Will talk more about this later too)

Done with the power of your tongue + intention, say

"I call back all parts of my soul & energy from every person, place, timeline, experience or dimension. I call my energy back GENTLY, cleansed & charged, with love to all & harm to none. Guides (or God or the universe) please help me do this safely"

Feel & visualize every bit of your energy come back into your body.

After you do this, you will literally feel like your most powerful, aligned, PURE self <3 This is the most powerful part of the guided meditation that leaves you feeling your absolute highest self. I cannot hype retrieval up enough. After mastering charging & retrieving, you can mix them. I do my retrieval with charging as one ritual.


Our energy, our minds, our realities are really synonymous to a radio. I like to think of aligning as a radio dial, tuning our frequency up or down based on what we feed ourselves. This is why I used to always say "feed your brain good stuff."

Dr. David Hawkins scale of consciousness

We can shift our energy through our intention, thoughts & emotions. This is why gratitude practices are so important & helpful to our vibration. The more time we spend in a certain frequency, the more that frequency becomes "home." Joe Dispenza also talks about this as being addicted to certain frequencies, addicted to stress, etc. We all have a home base frequency, the one that we live in the most & is most comfortable. The more you align (& release what ever is keeping you clogged), the more your home base frequency raises. Our souls are naturally high vibrational. At our cores, we are pure love & light. This is why it feels SO WRONG to be in low vibrational states, because it goes against our very nature / our soul's real frequency. Aligning with pure love & joy, is really just aligning with your soul. When you live life aligned with pure love & joy, the universe brings you more & more situations, experiences, things, people that match that vibration. In the guided meditation, we align with pure love & joy <3

A few ways to align:

1. joy list / pure love list. write down a list of things that bring you joy

2. close your eyes & focus on one thing that makes you feel the energy of pure love & joy, what is it about this thing? where do you feel it in your body? feel & visualize this energy. in the guided meditation, we fill your entire body, mind, energetic field with pure love & joy.

3. talk to your water, thank her for aligning you with pure love & joy. as you drink the water, feel & visualize the water aligning your energy, your aura, your body, your mind with pure love (similar to the cleansing version of this)

4. close your eyes, put your hand over your heart & tap into the energy of your heart. tell you heart 3 things you love about it. feel & visualize the energy from your heart fill your entire body, mind, energetic field.

5. the sun is filled with the vibration of joy, soak up sunshine with intention. ask the sun to fill you with joy, with love, to upgrade your DNA. feel & visualize the sun shift your energy


We are sponges to the energy that surrounds us, we pick up all sorts of energy everywhere. This is why we release & cleanse but this is also why when we charge & do the previous 5 energy practices, we seal our beautiful energy up to protect it. Comparatively, it's like the last protective coating layer on fresh nails, otherwise that shit would chip in a day.

ALSO IMPORTANT: When your soul is a light, you attract all sorts of vampires. Especially the more & more you get into energy work, your energy becomes lighter & lighter. People who want that energy will flock to you & drain you like a battery if you're not careful. I learned this lesson the hard way, even people that you mentally deem as "good" can drain you & steal your energy if you let them. Keyword, if you let them. It's 100% in your control & power to allow yourself to be drained or not.

1. close your eyes & bring all of your energy into a bubble around you. feel & visualize this bubble of protection & set the intention with your words that only love & light can get into your bubble. In the guided meditation I add transmutation to the bubble, for example: "my energy is protected in this bubble, only love & light can reach me & any negative energy is transmuted into love & light"

2. permission based protection, "negative energy or any energy that does not serve my highest good does not have permission to access me"

3. close your eyes & visualize a shield around you, this shield could also be a mirror. the intention would be any negative energy is mirrored back to sender (but i prefer transmutation to love & light, it's more high vibe girly vibes). feel & visualize this shield protecting you, focus on what protection feels like & put it all in the shield

4. ask your spirit guides, the universe, God, source, (whatever feels aligned for you) to help protect you, your soul, from any negative energy or energy that does not belong to you

OKAY, this was Iris Dailey's written guide: intro to energy work

The meditation guides you through all of the energetic practices written above as an entire ritual from start to finish, leaving you feeling your most aligned, authentic, radiant, magnetic & pure self.

in the guided energy ritual mediation we:

  1. ground your energy back to the frequency of the earth

  2. release any negative energy clogging your flow

  3. call back your energy from every person, place, timeline or dimension + charge your energy

  4. align with the frequency of pure love, joy & open your heart

  5. protect all this new grounded, charged, loving energy in your auric field

i love you so much :)


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