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iris dailey's 75 easy: for soft spiritual girlies<333

75 hard BUT instead of rooted in restriction & "discipline," it's rooted in self love ◡̈

these are the typical rules of 75 hard:

this is iris dailey's 75 easy for soft spiritual girilies <333

for 75 days :)

& there is no failure lmfaooooo that's wild.

also would like to state there’s no hate or disdain for the original 75 hard. mine is just a different purpose & intention. the POINT of changing the rules in this way is rather than being rooted in motivation / discipline, it’s rooted in self love.

discipline has always been really really hard for me. my room has always been filthy, binge eating disorders, fucking up priorities because i just couldn't get my shit together. but the second i switched to seeing it as SELF LOVE instead of “discipline,” i started actually taking care of myself.

now, i keep my room clean bc i DESERVE a clean room, not bc i “have to” or i feed myself nourishing foods bc i love my body & all that my body does for me!! not bc i hate the way it looks & i want to fit the societal mold. (i also had to clear a lot of trauma & energy towards why I subconsciously didn’t think I was worthy enough to take care of myself)

1. workouts based on my menstrual cycle

if you don't menstruate, pick a program that works for your body that is based in self love <3

men have a 24 hour hormone cycle, while women have a 28 day hormone cycle. the sun has a 24 day cycle & the moon has a 28 day cycle <3

we have 4 phases of our menstrual cycle that our hormones change with. which means our bodies respond differently to exercise within all of these phases!!!!! our needs change. nutrients that we need change, the amount/types of food we need changes, the amount of rest, the amount of how much muscle we can even put on, fat we lose and the amount of exercise that our body can actually handle without just being pushed into fight or flight

if there's only one thing you take in from this information, take this part in: within our cycles, our bodies respond to STRESS differently. our bodies ability to handle stress fluctuates with the phases of our cycle. working out like a man, or someone with a 24 hour hormone cycle, can stress our bodies the fuck out :) we live in a man's world, that we are slowly reclaiming.


  1. menstruation

  2. follicular

  3. ovulation

  4. luteal

1. MENSTRUATION: full moon

bleeding. resting. reflecting. our bodies time of sacred purging. a death & rebirth within our womb. there are ancient cultures where women were literally treated like royalty in their periods. please rest, watch your favorite movies, fill your bodies with nutrients!!!! with love. talk to your womb. thank your womb for all she has done for you and apologize for any ways you have not honored her. bleeding is sacred. and it is powerful. our wombs are literally PORTALS. don't let a misogynistic world make you forget the divinity of the womb and convince you periods are "gross"

BMR (energy you burn as your body performs basic life-sustaining function, the energy you burn by literally just existing) increases on your period. your body needs more nutrients to push through menstruation. you burn more calories at rest on your period!!! you literally need to eat more. & the by eating more, the foods should be nutritious. resting is GOOD. 

i dont work out for the first 1-2 days, if my period is heavier then i will stretch it to 3 or 4 days. listen to your body! talk to your body. ask your body what it needs. your longest relationship in this lifetime is with your body. honor that & you will see how absolutely amazing the relationship can become

workouts = rest

  • rest :)

  • restorative yoga

  • yin yoga

  • very light walks

2. FOLLICULAR: first quarter moon

this is my favorite phase. i'm sexy again! i'm glowing! i want the entire world to see me! & also i just had my period so i know i'm not pregnant!

"With a lower level of hormones during the first phase of your menstrual cycle, your body is primed to maximize hard training efforts. This means your body is better able to access stored carbohydrates, making this an ideal time for high-intensity training.",time%20for%20high%2Dintensity%20training

workouts = slowly & intuitively incorporating higher intensity

start incorporating higher intensity workouts again

  • slowly/intuitively incorporating heavy lifting

  • slowly/intuitively incorporating higher intensity training, cardio, etc

  • yang yoga

3. OVULATION: new moon

you’re sexy!!!!!!! you’re glowing!!!! you should show yourself off to the entire world!!!!! so we can all bask in how HOT you are!!!!!!! 

workouts = high intensity

  • high intensity training

  • higher intensity cardio

  • heavy lifting

  • yang yoga

4. LUTEAL: the last quarter moon

progesterone rises. my face always feels puffy in these phase so i drink so much extra water in this time frame. this is considered the most difficult phase, but try reframing it as a special time for reflection. this is like pre-full moon, emotions come up to be released. this is like the time frame right before the full moon where you're sobbingn for 48 hours & don['t know why, then after you've cried it all out you feel like a new person!!!! you feel lighter & happier & you have exited the cocoon as a sexy fuckin butterfly. but in order to come out as a butterfly, you must cocoon. so take this time to recharge and not fall into the capitalistic mindset of "pushing through"

talk to your body :))))))))))))))))))))))) our bodies do so much for us

workouts = restorative

  • restorative yoga

  • walks

  • hikes

  • yin yoga

hope this helped :)

articles quoted:



2. 30 minutes of meditation

or 10 for beginners, bonus points for first thing in the morning

simple: just meditate for 30 minutes a day :)

why first thing in the morning?

right when we wake up (and as we fall asleep) our brain is is in theta brain waves. "hypnosis" is the state between sleep & being awake. this is when our brains are the most malleable & we can make the most change! we access our subconscious in this state. this is also the blurred line between where our consciousness becomes plugged into earth human reality and the astral or spiritual realm.

the first few moments in the morning set our minds & vibration up for the rest of the day.

i recommend this one, created to align you with the frequency of pure love for your whole day :)

3. 3 liters of water a day + only eating food full of nutrients & life force energy

75 easy is meant to be rooted in self love, not restriction. the focus is less on what you "can't" do & more on how you can prioritize taking care of yourself with the utmost self love. prioritizing intuitively listening to your body, rather than punishing your body. our bodies do so much for us, please treat yourself kindly<3 eating lots of nutrients!!! & lots of foods full of life force energy :)

what is life force energy?

qi energy in traditional chinese medicine!! also referred to in other practices as prana (sanskrit), chi, or life force energy. life force energy is the energy that flows through us all. so for example, foods that are of the earth are really high in qi energy <3

the highest would be like an apple right off an apple tree

& the lowest would be processed shit

*bonus points for talking to your water hehe

4. 10 pages or 15 minutes of an audiobook (non-fiction self-development book)

if you have been following me or watched my youtube videos, you know that my slogan used to be "feed your brain good stuff."

as a hypnotherapist, this is THE most beneficial part of it all. this reprograms your brain. listening to audio books or reading every single day is literally a brain hack one of the most simple & overlooked brain hacks ever. your thoughts influence your emotions, your emotions influence your decisions, decisions over time becomes behavior, repeated behavior over time becomes personality & character.

(credit to joe dispenza for that format)

this is how your thoughts create your reality. so if you can begin by influencing your thoughts, that's the root!!!!!! FEED YOUR BRAIN GOOD STUFF

my favorite books:

the untethered soul by michael singer

return to love by marianne williamson

the creative art by rick rubin

outwitting the devil by napoleon hill

& vampire academy by richelle mead which is actually not within the guidelines of this challenge & a very cheesy vampire series written for young adults. i have just loved these vampire books since the 4th grade. anways

5. 30 minutes of your passion (singing, art, poetry, singing, dancing)

life is supposed to be fun!!!! our passion is why we live. over the past few years i have realized that i have finally figured out how to survive. i survived the bullshit traumatic childhood & traumatic teen years, i did it. i survived. and now, i would very much like to live. if you're doing this challenge, you are probably in a similar position. i think it's really easy to forget that we're healing and taking care of ourself so we can live. a much more high quality life.

if you haven't seen the movie Soul, please go watch it. if you follow me, you know i've been playing piano since i was 5 years old & i've wanted to be a singer since i could conceptualize what a singer was. this is my light. this is why i live. i would not be alive if it were not for my light. i'll be posting more of this part of my life as well :')

6. take progress photo or journal entry every night

1. journal prompt of your choice

for example, a check in. how am i doing today. what did i do today. what came up emotionally today.

2. what you're proud of!!!

this one is really important.

I. our focus is our currency in this reality, the more you focus on things the more they grow. focus on what you're proud of yourself for & that'll grow.

2. our brains seek pleasure & avoid pain. that is literally what 100% of human behavior boils down to. so at the end of the day, when you've done all your good habits, you're rerouting neural networks w positive reinforcement & are 5x more likely to complete it<3

3. gratitude / positive aspects list!!

again, what we focus on grows. the abraham hicks babies know the positive aspects list hehe

lets do it together :)

i am in the process of starting a discord so we can all do this together <33333

if you post please tag me!!!! i'll repost absolutely everything i see :)



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