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self worth is the key to manifestation

the key to manifesting is believing you are worthy enough to get it.

self worth is something i have struggled with my entire life but the SECOND i started shifting my self worth in a positive direction, my manifestations started flowing in. just like magic.

so here's how i made that shift:

1. i started by manifesting what i did believe i was worthy of, and built my way up.

when i wanted 1 million followers, i started with literally as small as 1,000. then i built my way up to 5,000 then 10,000 then 20,000… & so on until I hit 1 million. especially with manifesting money, i would start with simply $20 then $50 then work my way up

2. finding the root of why i didn’t believe i was worthy.

you are perfectly, uniquely, divinely, crafted from pure light. you deserve everything you want & more, why would you ever doubt that? children always have big crazy goals before they are trained & domesticated by the world’s limiting beliefs. when did that go away for you? if there’s a time that popped into your head from reading this, that’s it. but if nothing popped into your head, here some journal prompts to help you

  • why is there part of me that thinks i am unworthy of my desires?

  • what does the version of me that is worthy of my desires look like? what is the difference between me right now and that version of me?

  • what does it feel like to feel unworthy of my desires?

  • if i got everything i wanted, what would that feel like?

& if you still can’t find it, i have a part in my hypnosis download where we ask your subconscious mind (when you’re in a hypnotic state) where that came from and use hypnosis to release it... then reprogram your subconscious mind to believe you deserve everything you desire

3. i did self hypnosis every single day.

i went to school to be a hypnotherapist. i graduated from HMI the college of hypnotherapy. i used to see clients one on one before starting social media, but i also learned SELF hypnosis which is how i do everything in life pretty much. hypnosis is nothing like someone swinging a pendulum or a stop watch in front of your face. it’s literally just the state that you’re in when you’re watching a movie or when you’re drifting off to sleep/just waking up. this is when our brains are the most moldable & we can change our subconscious beliefs in this state. this is how i manifest so many things, changed my life, healed so much trauma and reprogram my subconscious mind… so i created another hypnosis download for you to repair your self worth :)

here's the link to the hypnosis download:

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beautiful. cannot thank you enough ❥

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