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a meditation to start your day off aligning with the frequency of pure love<333


when you live life from a place of pure love, this way of life enhances everything

  • you become more magnetic
  • you become more abundant financially, physically, and spiritually
  • you radiate joy & love
  • your soul shines with the energy of pure love
  • you see the magic in every day life
  • you are pure love


if you are here, something inside you is calling you to a greater way of life. a life rooted in love instead of fear. i created this meditation for those who want to integrate this way of life into their reality<3333


and for those of you who already do my meditations, this is the highest quality meditation that i've ever put out. sounds of water recorded from a real stream. vocals & ambience fully produced, mixed & mastered. i am so proud, enjoy the upgrade in audio quality :') 

pure love - morning meditation

  • cover art by christine owens <3

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