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for the first time ever!!!!! I created a guided meditation that is an ENERGY RITUAL!!!!


in this guided energy ritual mediation we:

  • ground your energy back to the frequency of the earth
  • release any negative energy clogging your flow
  • call back your energy from every person, place, timeline or dimension + charge your energy
  • align with the frequency of pure love, joy & open your heart
  • protect all this new grounded, charged, loving energy in your auric field


This meditation guides you through all of these energetic practices as an entire ritual from start to finish, leaving you feeling your most aligned, authentic, radiant, magnetic & pure self :))))


This is the most special & powerful meditation I've ever created & I am so so so excited to share it with you, from my entire heart to yours<333

guided energy ritual

  • recommend doing every day, before important events or to get yourself out of deep overwhelming emotions like panic attacks

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