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rewire your subconscious mind & energetic field to align with your own personal state of RECEIVING. what Abraham Hicks calls our "vortex"


in this hypnosis we:

  • open your vortex
  • unlock all your manifestations to flow to you with EASE
  • remove your money blocks! 
  • remove your manifestation blocks!
  • deep self-worth work with: inner child, inner teenager, & higher self
  • connect with your inner child & align them with RECEIVING
  • connect with your inner teenager & align them witih RECEIVING
  • align with your higher self
  • water your relationship with abundance, your divine feminine energy & your self worth
  • surrender to your own personal state of RECEIVING
  • i do not chase, i attract alignment


designed to do first thing in the morning!!!!

(coupled with "ABUNDANCE - HYPNOSIS" every night to double down on your highest vibration)


my most potent hypnosis yet:))))

made with SO MUCH LOVE<3333

receive: open your vortex

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